Traditional Baby Clothes 4.6 (8 reviews)
Perinka 'Bris Poya' blanket or 'Brit Milah' Blanket
Thank You!!
Review by Aggie
thanks Perinka for a detailed description on the site. I decided to buy this one for the baptizing ceremony and it answered our expectations! zippers are comfortable to use and besides that it looks awesome. gets dirty fast but this blanket is not for everyday use I think... THANKS!!
Perinka Christening Blanket
looks smart
Review by Anne
soon we’ll have a christening ceremony, I decided to buy this one. looks very smart on the picture.

Traditional Baby Clothes

Perinka International knows and loves tradition. Perinka has been a strong supporter of family and traditional values and sells traditional baby clothes, as well as general traditional children's (childrens) clothing. Perinka sells Christening Blankets, general Baptism Clothes, and Jewish babies will enjoy Perinka’s soft and cuddly brit milah (or bris) blankets, which are always hard to buy in regualr clothing stores. When it comes to traditional baby clothes, the answer is Perinka.