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Car Seat Cover - Faux Shearling Wool and Black Denim
Review by Beth
I use this one for a couple of months. Once I did not believe it but it is true - my baby's diaper leaked and the sleepsack was a little wet on the outside, but when I put inside, the wool was almost dry!! Also I like that habit of my baby: when I put her in the sack, she knows it's time to go to sleep)))to my mind – sleepsack is a must have!
Car Seat Cover - Faux Shearling Wool and Black Denim
sleep sack
Review by Samantha
In our harsh climate I needed a warm sleep sack for my little Becky. I saw a similar one while walking in the street and also decided to buy it after the owner told me how comfortable it was. But it is much cheaper in this online store, definitely a better deal. Now my daughter learns how to sleep on the back. The sack is not loose and doesn’t let her move much while being warm and cozy for her!! An excellent choice!

Stroller Accessories & Car Seat Covers

Perinka International is exactly what you need if it is necessary to buy the best stroller accessories, car seat accessories, infant car seat covers for girls and boys, and other child products from this category. Parents who travel much by car often take their baby together with them. To provide proper conditions for a child one needs to have top quality car seat covers for infants, accessories for car seats, etc. Spending much time in car requires special conditions for a baby, so this is quite important to make sure that your car journey is comfortable enough for your baby. We will help you providing a selection of products among which you can choose the most appropriate and acceptable variant.

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