Our Philosophy

Perinka International was founded based on European traditions of quality, integrity and attention to detail. Perinka focuses on unique and traditional baby clothing, from newborn up to 24 months, for all seasons; as well as traditional baby gifts, accessories, baby layette, unique baby gift sets and 'mommy and daddy' dedicated Perinka products.

The founders of Perinka International combine excellence and research in textile and fashion design, as well as economics. Combining fashion element and pragmatic usage and care guidelines, Perinka strongly believes that consumer apparel and fashion products have to be stylish, yet practical. 

The centerpiece of the Perinka line is a collection of beautiful traditional and modern baby blankets, baby layette pieces, soft baby shoes, traditional baby sets, as well as wonderfully crafted crib and stroller inserts and bundlers. Made from natural and unique materials, Perinka also features a number of technologically innovative products, hand-crafted baby hats and baby mittens, and uniquely embroidered newborn and traditional baby clothing. All products are designed, manufactured, and cared for in the European Union and the United States only.